1250ML Stainless Steel Wax Melting Pot Set with Silicone Spatula

Unveiling a top-notch solution for diverse melting needs – whether it’s for chocolate, wax, or soap. This 1250ML Stainless Steel Boiler Pot Set, complete with a Silicone Spatula, is the ideal companion for those who desire perfection in their craft.
Melting substances requires precision, especially when it’s essential ingredients like chocolate or the core elements for candle-making, such as wax. Stainless steel, known for its excellent heat distribution and durability, ensures even melting, while the sizeable 1250ML capacity can accommodate substantial quantities. Adding to its versatility, it’s perfectly suited for soap-making processes as well.

Moreover, the inclusion of a silicone spatula amplifies convenience. Not only is it resistant to high temperatures, but its flexible edge ensures every bit of your melted substance is scooped out, leaving no waste behind. Let’s not forget about the importance of material safety. The spatula’s silicone construction means it won’t react with your ingredients, maintaining the purity of whatever you’re melting.

Concluding, this set is more than just a melting pot; it’s a testament to quality and efficiency.

Q: Can this pot set be used on any stove type?
A: Yes, the Stainless Steel construction ensures compatibility with various stove types.

Q: How do I clean the pot after use?
A: It’s recommended to hand wash using mild detergent and warm water. The stainless steel makes it resistant to staining and odours.

Q: Is the silicone spatula safe for food use?
A: Absolutely, the spatula is crafted from food-grade silicone, ensuring safety and hygiene.

Q: What’s the maximum temperature the spatula can endure?
A: The silicone spatula can typically withstand temperatures up to 230°C, making it suitable for most melting tasks.

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