Discover the premium quality of heavy glass dairy milk bottles available at our Shoppe. Now, for every purchase, enjoy complimentary lids designed specifically for easy pouring. Whether it’s for quart or oz measurements, our bottles are the perfect choice for every dairy enthusiast.

When it comes to dairy, there’s nothing like fresh milk in a classic glass bottle. And, if you’re after the best in storage and pouring convenience, our Shoppe’s heavy glass dairy milk bottles are the pick of the bunch.

Why choose our glass dairy milk bottles?

Premium Quality Glass: Ensuring durability and preserving the freshness of the milk.
Custom Sizes: Available in both oz and quart measurements to cater to your needs.
FREE Pour Spouts: Every bottle now comes with a free lid, specially designed to ensure a spill-free experience.
Versatility: Perfect for jugs, quart bottles, and other containers.

These features make our bottles the preferred choice for many dairy lovers. They’re not just containers; they’re an experience. With our added pour spouts, you get function and style in one package.

Q: Do the bottles come in different sizes?
A: Yes, our bottles are available in both oz and quart measurements to cater to diverse needs.

Q: Are the lids spill-proof?
A: Absolutely! The lids are designed to ensure easy pouring without any spills.

Q: Can I buy these bottles in bulk?
A: Definitely. Our Shoppe provides options for bulk purchases.

Q: What’s special about the glass used?
A: The glass is of premium quality, ensuring durability and optimal freshness retention for the milk.