48 Pieces Rubber Grate Feet Rubber Foot Replacements Compatible with G


Easy To Install: You Need To Turn Your Grate Over, Pop Out The Old Feet And Put The New Parts In Their Place, Our Grate Rubber Is A Direct Replacement For The Cooktop In Your Kitchen, It Is Recommended That You Put Some Glue Or Heated Grade Silicone On The Feet To Ensure A Better Fit. Ideal Replacement: We Offer You Ideal Rubber Foot Replacements Which Work With Dvgsu101 And Vgrt560-6Gq, Equivalent To Part Numbers Pd040035, Pd040075, Ap5316217, Replace Part Numbers Are Wb02k0101, 247410, Ps241358, Eap241358, Ps2353327, Ap2622260, Ap4411611, Etc.. Features: The Worn Out Burner Feet Pads Can Lead To Scratches On Your Range Cooktop And Damage The Look And Appearance, With Our Rubber Foot Replacements, It Can Protect Your Range, Tabilize Your Pans, Keep Your Grates And Pans Level Even For Cooking. Good Performance: Our Foot Replacements Are Made Of Durable Rubber Material, Wear Resistant And Heat-Resistant, Fits In A 3/16 Inch Hole, The Depth Is 0.255 Inch (A Little Bigger Than 1/4 Inch) And The Post (Or Part That Inserts Into Your Grate) Measures Approx. 0.178 To 0.180 Inch (About 3/16 Inch) In Diameter.


Abundant quantity: you will receive 48 pieces rubber grate feet in this package, sufficient quantity for your replacement, this is non-original aftermarket parts, it can work even better and last longerGood performance: our foot replacements are made of durable rubber material, wear resistant and heat-resistant, fits in a 3/16 inch hole, the depth is 0.255 inch (a little bigger than 1/4 inch) and the post (or part that inserts into your grate) measures approx. 0.178 to 0.180 inch (about 3/16 inch) in diameterEasy to install: you need to turn your grate over, pop out the old feet and put the new parts in their place, our grate rubber is a direct replacement for the cooktop in your kitchen, it is recommended that you put some glue or heated grade silicone on the feet to ensure a better fitFeatures: the worn out burner feet pads can lead to scratches on your range cooktop and damage the look and appearance, with our rubber foot replacements, it can protect your range, tabilize your pans, keep your grates and pans level even for cookingIdeal replacement: we offer you ideal rubber foot replacements which work with DVGSU101 and VGRT560-6GQ, equivalent to part numbers PD040035, PD040075, AP5316217, replace part numbers are WB02K0101, 247410, PS241358, EAP241358, PS2353327, AP2622260, AP4411611, etc.

Are there GE gas range burner grate feet, rubber, feet compatible?

Tube Pack of 16 Compatible with GE WB2K101 Gas Range Burner Grate Feet, Rubber, Foot Compatible with General Electric WB02T10461 AP2622260 PS241358 by Wadoy Amazon Business: Make the most of your Amazon Business account with exclusive tools and savings.

Where can I buy a burner grate foot?

This is a four pack. To order a single foot use part number 00189334. This part is a burner grate. This is a genuine OEM part made by General Electric and has been sourced directly from the manufacturer. This part is intended to replace a broken burner grate on a variety… more

What kind of grate pads do you need for gas range burner?

This gas range burner grate foot pad kit includes 4 black pads. This is a kit of (4) grate pads. You may also need adhesive W10841140. This roller assembly is a genuine LG part, sold individually. This roller assembly can be used as a replacement part in a refrigerator.

How much does it cost to replace a GE range grate?

Called GE for part number crossover from gray to black and asked for an email quote. Called Parts Select for pricing, which was alot lower! Shipping took five days and less then $8.00 buck….now mama’s happy!!!!