5 Extra Thick Microfiber Cleaning Cloths with 5 Bright Colors, 540 G

【5 Bright Colors】Comes In 5 Colors With Colorfast Material, Enables You To Color Code For Different Cleaning Tasks. Standard Size: 12 X 16”..
【What You Get】5 Extra Thick Microfiber Cleaning Cloths With 5 Bright Colors. Contact Us Immediately If You Have Any Issues With Your Purchase. We Will Spare No Effort To Provide Solutions, All Issues Will Be Solved Within 24 Hours..
【Durable】Rinse And Reuse 500’S Of Times. For Best Washing Results, Only Wash Cleaning Cloths With Other Microfiber Materials In Cold Water And Let Them Air-Dry..
【Soft & Lint Free】With Both Pickup Power Of Microfiber And Softness Of Velour, These Super Plush Microfiber Will Not Scratch Paints, Coats Or Other Surfaces. No Streaks And Great For Cleaning Cars, Rv’s As Well As In Your Home On Tv’s, Computers, Counter Tops, And More..


Extra Thick 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide. Double-layer design & 540Gsm. Nearly 3 x thicker and absorbent than those thin regular cloths.No need to go back over with (dry) finishing cloth, which saves you a lot of time and work. Soft & Lint Free With both pickup power of microfiber and softness of velour, these super plush microfiber will not scratch paints, coats or other surfaces. No Streaks and great for cleaning cars, RV’s as well as in your home on TV’s, computers, counter tops, and more. 5 Bright Colors Comes in 5 colors with colorfast material, enables you to color code for different cleaning tasks. Standard size: 12 x 16 . Durable Rinse and reuse 500’s of times. For best washing results, only wash cleaning cloths with other microfiber materials in cold water and let them air-dry. What You Get 5 Extra Thick Microfiber Cleaning Cloths with 5 Bright Colors. Contact us immediately if you have any issues with your purchase. We will spare no effort to provide solutions, all issues will be solved within 24 hours.

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· Our Picks For The Top Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. 1. MR.SIGA 12.6-Inch x 12.6-Inch Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 12-Pack. 2. SimpleHouseware 12-Inch x 16-Inch Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 50-Pack. 3. AIDEA 12-Inch x 16-Inch Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 8-Pack. 4. Amazon Basics 10-Inch x 13-Inch Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 24-Pack.

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· There are 4 colors in the pack of 50, giving you the versatility of assigning a color for each cleaning activity. If you’re not really interested in very expensive cleaning cloths and would like to have a piece of the best microfiber cloth for every single device, item, or gadget in your home, then this 50 pack from Simple Houseware is perfect.

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· Best Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth Reviews of 2021. 1. Koala Kloth Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. One incredible choice for the best microfiber cloth for glasses is this Koala Kloth Cleaning Cloth. Available in the Jumbo XL size, I can safely announce that the coverage of this microfiber cleaning cloth is quite wide.

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· The OxGord microfiber cleaning clothes are thick and large for multipurpose uses. These are primarily made for auto detailing but can be used for household chores as well. Each pack is massive and comes with 32 cleaning clothes in beige, black, burgundy, and gray colors.

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· These are the 11 best microfiber towels for cleaning on Amazon, according to customer reviews. Brands like E-Cloth, Chemical Guys, and Mr. Siga all make soft, absorbent, and long-lasting microfiber cloths and towels for cleaning every inch of your home.

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Premium Material: 15x18cm extra large microfiber glasses cleaning cloth. 30% thicker than other similar microfibre cleaning cloths. Made of 80% Polyester + …Reviews: 1.3KMicrofiber Towels Comparison Chart – Autogeek.nethttps://www.autogeek.net/mfchart.htmlThen select the microfiber towels that suit your purpose and your vehicle’s needs. (Scroll down to view full-size chart) Weight. The thickness of a microfiber towel is directly related to its weight. Higher weight = higher density = a thicker towel. Microfiber weight is expressed in grams per square meter g/m².

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Cleaning cloths for lenses. Clean your perscription eyeglasses, sunglasses and camera lenses with this cloth. Won’t scratch any surface, but will remove all dirt and oily build up with a single swipe. The best lens cloth available. No lint, no streaks, and no spray needed.

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· When you wash a microfiber towel be sure use warm water (below 200 degrees Fahrenheit). Cold water won’t break down waxes. I advocate using a strong detergent without any added softeners or any other chemicals. Microfiber is tough stuff and can handle the strong detergents needed to properly clean a used towel.

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