5-Pcs Trivet Pot Holder: Round Woven Placemats Set – 100% Cotton Bra

Excellent Heat Resistance – These Placemats Have A Thickness Of 0.3 Inches, Which Can Be Well Functional For Heat Insulation Of Hot Pots In The Farmhouse, Hot Plates, Pots And Pans In Kitchens Or Dining Tables, As Well As Hot Drinks. It Can Be Used As Coasters, Trivets, Placemats, Potholders, Pan Holders, Etc. Crocheted With Cotton Rope, This Soft Braided Set Of Placemats Are Of Good Water Absorption And Heat Insulation, Which Can Help A Lot In The Farmhouse Kitchen And Dining Room..
Insulated Trivets Set – Absolutely A Necessity For Everyone’s Daily Life. Our Placemats Are Exquisitely Crafted And Are Made Of Hand-Woven Hook Threads. It Is A Good Gift To The Hostess, Mothers, Friends, And So On..
Cleanable Fabric – Circular Cotton Rope Woven Mats Are Easy To Clean. The Mats Only Need To Be Washed And Dried, And Can’t Be Machine Washed..
Super Valued 5-Pieces Set – 1 Pans Trivet Of 11.8 Inches Diameter, 4 Coasters Of 7 Inches Diameter..


100% Cotton Rope Woven – Handmade insulating mats, which can be used as trivets, placemats, coasters, and potholders.Super Valued 5-Pieces Set – 1 pans trivet of 11.8 inches diameter, 4 coasters of 7 inches diameter.Excellent Heat Resistance – These placemats have a thickness of 0.3 inches, which can be well functional for heat insulation of hot pots in the farmhouse, hot plates, pots and pans in kitchens or dining tables, as well as hot drinks. It can be used as coasters, trivets, placemats, potholders, pan holders, etc. Crocheted with cotton rope, this soft braided set of placemats are of good water absorption and heat insulation, which can help a lot in the farmhouse kitchen and dining room.Cleanable Fabric – Circular cotton rope woven mats are easy to clean. The mats only need to be washed and dried, and can’t be machine washed.Insulated Trivets Set – Absolutely a necessity for everyone’s daily life. Our placemats are exquisitely crafted and are made of hand-woven hook threads. It is a good gift to the hostess, mothers, friends, and so on.