#7 Glass Beads – 8 lb or 3.6 kg – Sand Blasting Abrasive Media (Medi

Manufactured New Glass Beads Are Inert, Certain No Free Silica (Not Silicosis Hazard Like Silica Sand And Are Easy And Safely Disposed Of).
Made In Canada.
Use Low Pressure 20-60 Psi. Soft/Sensitive Materials Exceeding 70 Psi Lowers The Longevity Of The Glass Media. Peen To Higher Intensities At 90 Degree Nozzle Angle. Consume Material At A Faster Rate At 90 Degree Nozzle Angle, Higher Blast Pressures And Greater Workpiece Hardness..
Comm Spec No 7 Or 60-80 Grit Glass Bead Abrasive Media.


Spherical-Shaped Particles Peen Surfaces to a Satin Matte FinishComm Spec No 7 or 60-80 Grit Glass Bead Abrasive MediaManufactured New Glass Beads Are inert, certain no free silica (not silicosis hazard like silica sand and are easy and safely disposed of)Use Low Pressure 20-60 PSI. Soft/Sensitive Materials Exceeding 70 PSI Lowers the Longevity of the Glass Media. Peen to Higher Intensities at 90 degree nozzle angle. Consume material at a faster rate at 90 degree nozzle angle, higher blast pressures and greater workpiece hardness.Made in Canada

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· The blast pot is a large container that holds the blast media, whether it is glass beads, corn cob, steel shot, plastic or other material. It funnels the media downward through a set of valves that allow the amount entering the system to be controlled. This media then joins the pressurized air as it zips into the chamber.

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Wet abrasive blasting was developed as an alternative to dry blasting, using a fluid (typically water) to help propel the abrasive media at the workpiece. The water offers the advantage of trapping dust and lubricating the surface as well as cushioning the impact of the abrasives and thereby reducing the unwanted removal of underlying materials.

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Abrasive Blast Media and Soda Blasting Media. Abrasive and Soda Blasting Media. Eastwood offers a large selection of abrasive blast media and soda blasting medias, to suit the job you are tackling. Bicarbonate of soda, also known as soda media, is great for gently removing paints and coatings.

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blasting medias Midwest Finishing Systems works with the highest quality manufacturers in the world to provide consistent quality and delivery of abrasive products and blasting medias. Whether your application is blasting, vibratory, parts drying, refactory, or lapping, MFS carries a wide selection of abrasives for your industrial needs.

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Clarke 20kg Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Powder – 60-80 Grit. 000332099. 9 reviews. Choose from a range of blast media grits and sizes for use with your Clarke Sand Blast Cabinet or Clarke spot blast and grit gun.Clarke Aluminium Oxide Powder blasts deep to remove rust, paint corrosion… £40.79 INC.

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Flexible Abrasive Media Choices This abrasive media blast cabinet can handle abrasives like white or brown aluminum oxide, glass beads, silicon carbide, or blasting garnet. We supply a full catalog of abrasive media. We do not recommend steel shot and under no circumstances should you ever use sand in an abrasive cabinet.

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Manufacturer of abrasive media specifically classified to operate through very small micro abrasive blasting nozzles. Aluminum oxides, bicarbonate of soda, silicon carbide, glass beads, walnut shells, plastic, pumice, silicon carbide and wheat starch are available. Industries served include medical, aerospace and metalworking.

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Silica sand for sandblasting. Soda is a type of sandblasting grit most commonly used in removing rust from metals. Soda used in abrasive blasting is actually bicarbonate of soda, or baking soda. It is abrasive enough to remove the rust without damaging or pitting the metal beneath. Soda blasting leaves a fairly smooth, even surface.

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Comes with abrasive blasting media; Best used in 10+ gallon compressors; Accessories include: (1) collecting bag for sandblasting material, (1) surface attachment, (1) point attachment, (1) edge attachment, (1) inner edge attachment and (2) 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of medium aluminum oxide blasting media

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