Additional Bulk Mason Jars Perfect for Preserving, Wedding Favours & More

Uncover the versatility of our supplementary Mason jars, ideal for a variety of uses, from canning to gift-giving. Packed with regular lids and bands, these jars are prime for preserving jams, honey, and more, or serving as unique wedding favours.
Whether you’re a food preservation enthusiast or you’re looking for a creative, personalised touch for your wedding, our extra pack of Mason jars could be just what you’re after. These classic jars are ideal for storing homemade goodies like jam or honey, ensuring they remain fresh and flavourful.

Beyond their utilitarian function, these jars are also excellent as wedding favours. Fill them with sweets, spices, or a miniature DIY kit for a memorable and heartfelt gift your guests will cherish.

Included with each jar are regular lids and bands, guaranteeing a secure seal. This feature is essential for maintaining the quality of preserved food items and ensuring your contents stay put when used as favours.

Packaged in bulk quantities, these Mason jars provide exceptional value. Whether for the home or events, they’re a reliable choice for anyone seeking versatility and functionality.

Q: Can these jars withstand high temperatures for canning?
A: Absolutely, our Mason jars are made to handle the heat used in traditional canning methods.

Q: Are the lids and bands rust-resistant?
A: Yes, the included lids and bands are designed to resist rust, making them perfect for long-term use.

Q: How many jars are included in the extra pack?
A: For specific quantities, please refer to the product details page.

Q: Can I customise the jars for my wedding favours?
A: Certainly! These jars are an excellent canvas for your creativity. You can decorate them according to your wedding theme or preferences.

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