Aesthetic Pyrex PC Pack Lid: Dark Blue Cup Variations

Step into a realm where quality meets aesthetic allure with the Pyrex PC Pack Lid in a distinctive dark blue shade. This top-notch, enduring lid is designed to perfectly fit Pyrex cups, ensuring an optimal seal that keeps your beverages in check.
Dive deeper into the Pyrex PC Pack Lid, a high-quality product distinguished by its durability and functionality. Crafted with precision, this dark blue cup lid provides the ideal seal, ensuring your drink remains safe and secure within the Pyrex cup. This superb lid, bathed in a deep blue hue, not only presents practical usage but also an aesthetically pleasing aspect to your kitchenware. Robust and dishwasher safe, it stands as a quintessential piece for any household or commercial kitchen.

Q: Is this lid compatible with all Pyrex cups?
A: Yes, the Pyrex PC Pack Lid is designed to fit all standard Pyrex cups.

Q: What material is the lid made of?
A: The lid is crafted from robust and durable polycarbonate (PC).

Q: Does the lid tolerate high temperatures?
A: Yes, the lid is heat resistant, making it suitable for hot beverages and safe for dishwasher use.

Q: Can I purchase the lid in other colours?
A: Currently, this particular lid is only available in a dark blue shade.

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