AIxibu 40oz Double Flip Pickle Jar: Green PCS, Leak-Proof? How to Store Pickles Safely?

Discover the innovative design of AIxibu’s 40oz Double Flip Pickle Jar. This Green PCS container ensures your pickles remain fresh, avoiding the common issue of leaks. Additionally, the in-built strainer provides added convenience.

Storing pickles, especially in households where they are a favourite, demands the perfect container. A typical problem many encounter is the leakage from jars which not only wastes the pickles but also creates a mess. The AIxibu 40oz Double Flip Pickle Jar has emerged as a solution to this age-old problem.

Designed with the Green PCS technology, this jar is all about ensuring freshness. The double flip mechanism provides double security against leaks. So, whether you are storing it at home or taking it for a picnic, there’s no more worrying about pickle juice spilling in the bag.

One standout feature is the strainer. It allows users to retrieve pickles without getting their hands messy or using additional utensils. This unique design ensures that every pickle is accessed without a mess.

Q: How does the double flip mechanism in the AIxibu jar ensure no leakage?
A: The AIxibu 40oz Double Flip Pickle Jar utilises a two-seal system. When the lid is closed, it seals twice, ensuring that no pickle juice can escape.

Q: Can the strainer be removed for cleaning?
A: Yes, the built-in strainer is designed for easy removal, ensuring you can keep the jar clean and hygienic.

Q: What is the significance of Green PCS in the jar’s design?
A: Green PCS indicates the eco-friendly nature of the materials used in manufacturing the jar, emphasising durability without compromising the environment.

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