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Convenient For Use: Each Mitt Is Suitable For Both Left And Right Hand, Easy To Take On Or Off. Anti-Skid Design, Versatile For Use, Can Handle Slippery Items Firmly, Super Easy To Store And Clean..
Excellent Customer Service: We’ve Devoted To Make The Premium Qulity Products And Provide The Best Customer Service. However, If You Aren’t Completely Satisfied With Our Products, Please Feel Free To Contact Us, We Will Try Our Best To Give You A Qucik Satisfactory Response!.
High-Heat Resistant: Silicone Mitts Protect Your Hands From Burns & Hot Items. Withstands High Temperatures, Never Worry About Burning Yourself. When Using The Oven Mitts To Take Out Cookie Sheets, Putting 2 Mitts On One Hand Is More Suitable For Ladies..
Comfortable: Made Of Soft Silicone Material, Lightweight And Comfortable. Toughness, Not Easy To Tear, Can Be Repeatedly Use, Help You Enjoy A Wonderful Cooking Time..


Small and Portable: size of mitt is: 11 cm * 6.8 cm(upper part) * 8 cm(lower part), that is: 4.33 inch * 2.68 inch * 3.15 inch, please refer to detail pictures. Small but enough for your fingers, no need to bring big gloves when cooking.Comfortable: Made of soft silicone material, lightweight and comfortable. Toughness, not easy to tear, can be repeatedly use, help you enjoy a wonderful cooking time.Convenient for Use: Each mitt is suitable for both left and right hand, easy to take on or off. Anti-skid design, versatile for use, can handle slippery items firmly, super easy to store and clean.High-Heat Resistant: Silicone mitts protect your hands from burns & hot items. Withstands high temperatures, never worry about burning yourself. When using the oven mitts to take out cookie sheets, putting 2 mitts on one hand is more suitable for ladies.Excellent Customer Service: We’ve devoted to make the premium qulity products and provide the best customer service. However, if you aren’t completely satisfied with our products, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to give you a qucik satisfactory response!

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Silicone. Silicone oven mitts provide heavy-duty protection for everyday cooks. They’re also highly flexible, with excellent grip, and many can be simply tossed into the dishwasher to clean. Most silicone oven mitts are capable of withstanding maximum temperatures of 500°F …

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· Overall Take. Constructed from a heat-resistant silicone, these oven mitts protect hands from dishes as hot as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The mitts are flexible, waterproof and easy to clean. The set comes with two mitts, two mini pinch mitts and two trivets. In our analysis of 19 expert reviews, the Rorecay Silicone Oven Mitt Set placed 2nd when …

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· Editor’s Notes. July 30, 2021: Nothing new to report in the world of oven mitts recently. Silicone options like the Homwe Professional are ideal for working with steamers or steam-heavy cooking in general, while glove models like the Grill Armor Extreme Heat are perfect for smoking and barbecuing. If you prefer a more traditional cloth potholder, the Cuisinart Insulated is about as nice as …

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· This really is a mini oven mitt but is designed to be so. Covering the fingers and thumb and, depending on how long your fingers are, your knuckles too. Acronde 2 Pairs Mini Silicone Heat Resistant Cooking Pinch Mitts won’t offer protection to wrists but are great just for picking up the handles of pots and pans and will protect from cold too …

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Oven glove prices. The price of oven gloves depends on the material, size, and heat rating. Inexpensive: The cheapest oven gloves are made of cotton and won’t set you back more than $10. Mid-range: Neoprene and silicone oven gloves typically range from $10 to $20. Expensive: High-quality Kevlar and Nomex oven gloves are the priciest, but they’re well worth it for the superior heat …

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· Can silicone oven mitts handle cast iron? Cast iron cookware conducts very high heat, and silicone is a great choice for oven mitt material to handle extreme temperatures. Most silicone oven mitts are heat-resistant beyond the normal 400-degree threshold, which makes them an excellent option for cast iron’s range of 500 degrees or more.

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· As Seen on TV. The ‘Ove’ Glove isn’t just a gimmicky product—it actually lives up to the hype. This mitt is heat-protective up to 540 degrees thanks to its three key layers: inner double-knit cotton, outer heat and flame-resistant material and non-slip silicone grips.

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· When you invest in a sturdy chef’s knife, cooking immediately becomes easier, safer, and more satisfying. The same thing is true of a good pair of oven mitts. You don’t need to worry about burning your hand on a hot skillet handle or dropping a stockpot full of boiling water halfway between the stovetop and kitchen sink.

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