Are Crock Pot 7 QT Compatible Slow Cooker Liners Worth It?

Crock Pot 7 QT Compatible Slow Cooker Liners

If you’re busy and hate scrubbing your crock pot, slow cooker liners like the Crock Pot 7 QT compatible liners might be a lifesaver. These liners are especially handy because you can toss them into the dishwasher for easy cleanup, making dinner preparation simpler. They are designed for 7-quart oval slow cookers and are reusable, silicone, dishwasher safe, and BPA free.

A notable benefit is the ability to cook at least two things simultaneously. This feature was perfect for making beef stew with and without corn to accommodate different dietary needs within the same meal. However, while the liners are convenient, they could be improved. Users have noted that the liners tend to lose their shape and have a noticeable odor upon first opening, so it’s advisable to air them out and wash them before use.

Additionally, the liners can be floppy and difficult to prop open in the dishwasher without collapsing or filling with water. An inner frame to help them hold their shape would be a beneficial addition. Despite these drawbacks, they function well and greatly ease the cleaning process.

The liners can also help protect your slow cooker’s interior from scratches and wear from utensils, which is a common frustration for many users. One customer was so satisfied with the product that it was chosen as a Christmas gift for a family member who enjoys cooking.

When it comes to fit, the liners are pretty great, though there’s a minor issue with the lift tabs, which can crinkle under the lid of the crock pot. This doesn’t prevent the lid from fitting, but it is something to be aware of. The ability to cook two different dishes in one crock pot is ideal for preparing multiple dips during family gatherings without the need to clean the pot itself afterward.

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