Are CROCKPOCKETS® Dividers the Solution for Easy Multi-Dish Slow Cooking?

Are CROCKPOCKETS® Dividers the Solution for Easy Multi-Dish Slow Cooking?
The CROCKPOCKETS® 6-Quart Slow Cooker 2 Pc. Dividers Set with its reusable silicone inserts is a game-changer for meal prep. These non-stick and leak-resistant dividers are BPA free and dishwasher safe, offering a convenient solution to cook two dishes simultaneously without any hassle. They fit easily into the crockpot, providing ample space, as customers have successfully cooked up to 3lbs of ground beef and shredded chicken, with potential for more.

Notably, one user mentioned the ease of use, particularly for single individuals who appreciate making multiple meal options in one go. While there was an expectation for the ceramic crockpot to remain clean, some condensation and oils from cooking did necessitate washing the main crock. Nonetheless, the ability to cook a luscious roast on one side and honey glazed carrots on the other has been a significant plus.

Another user shared a delightful experience where the dividers prevented overcooking vegetables, thus saving the meal from becoming mushy. The simple clean-up process was also highlighted, with the dividers going straight into the dishwasher post-use, streamlining the cooking process even further.

However, one drawback noted was the fit in larger oval crockpots, where both dividers did not fit simultaneously. Despite this, using one divider for smaller servings proved to be effective and still afforded the benefit of easy cleanup.

In essence, these silicone dividers not only enhance the cooking experience by allowing diverse meal preparation but also reduce the cleaning time—making them a recommended addition to the kitchen.
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