Are Dompion Silicone Slow Cooker Liners Suitable for Your Crock-Pot?

I decided to try the Dompion Silicone Slow Cooker Liners, even though I have an 11qt pot – and it worked! It seems as long as the pot is oblong, these liners will work. Clean-up is incredibly easy, and I was able to cook my entire meal in stages, without having to stay at the stove.

However, the fit was not perfect. Despite measuring multiple times before ordering, they didn’t fit as expected. In hindsight, perhaps purchasing a 3-pot crockpot station would have been a better choice. These liners are adequate in a pinch but do not fit like the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

This is the second silicone product of this kind that I have tried. I am very pleased with how this one fits in my slow cooker and maintains its shape. They are easy to clean, though I wish it came with clips to lift out the hot liner—I ended up using a small chip clip for assistance.

There was some disappointment with these liners. They are advertised to fit 6-7-8 quart cookers, but they certainly do not fit my 6-quart—they’re too small. They do fit my 7-quart, but not snugly, and they definitely wouldn’t be suitable for an 8-quart. When I tried them in my seven-quart, they just sagged in the middle. I’m not confident enough to serve food from these liners and will likely return them.

Nevertheless, it was an innovative discovery. These liners not only protect the crockpot from messes but also allow for different dishes to be cooked or warmed simultaneously. The placement of the liners does require a bit of strategy since they must conform to the shape of an oval crockpot.

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In my experience, I cooked chicken skewers in two of the divisions and marinated mushrooms in the third, and everything heated up as expected. I even added some water outside the liners to generate steam inside the pot.

Washing the liners was straightforward—I simply placed them in my dishwasher. Though just a tad larger than my crockpot, I found them to be very useful, and I could easily use two at a time. They feel sturdy and seem like they’ll last a long time. I haven’t encountered any problems and would recommend them to others.

Are Dompion Silicone Slow Cooker Liners Suitable for Your Crock-Pot?
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