Are Rukmini Iyer’s Roasting Tin Cookbooks the Solution to Quick and Delicious Weeknight Dinners?

Rukmini Iyer

Many of us struggle with preparing quick, yet satisfying meals during busy weeknights, often resorting to ordering pizza for convenience. Rukmini Iyer’s cookbook, “The Quick Roasting Tin”, offers a solution with its 75 new all-in-one tin recipes. These range from speedy weeknight dinners to homemade lunchboxes and family favorites.

The Roasting Tin Rukmini Iyer (ad)

Her three bean chili, packed with veggies and spices, exemplifies a low-effort, yet hearty meal. Iyer breathes fresh life into both traditional and vegan dishes, making this third volume in her series a much-awaited collection. Her books, which include “The Roasting Tin”, “The Green Roasting Tin”, “The Roasting Tin Around The World”, “The Green Barbecue”, and “The Sweet Roasting Tin”, have collectively sold millions of copies.

The books are known for their ease and accessibility, with each recipe designed for standard baking tin formats. In “The Roasting Tin Around The World”, Iyer reworks classic global dishes into bold, punchy one-tin meals. She even dedicates a chapter in “The Sweet Roasting Tin” to the comforting classic of bread and butter pudding, showcasing her versatility and mastery in the kitchen.

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