Ball Regular Mouth Crystal Quilted Jelly Jars: Ounce Set, Bands & Lids Incorporated

Embark on your preservation journey with Ball Regular Mouth Crystal Quilted Jelly Jars. A unique set that includes lids and bands, it’s perfect for housing your favourite homemade preserves. Let’s delve into the features, and address common queries regarding these jars.

For those passionate about their home canning and preserving, nothing matches the quality of Ball Regular Mouth Crystal Quilted Jelly Jars. This distinctive set, designed specifically for jelly but suitable for a variety of other preserves, adds a classic charm to your kitchen shelf.

The set comes with regular mouth jars, which are an ideal size for jams, jellies, and marmalades. The intricate crystal quilted design lends an aesthetic appeal while the clear glass lets you see your preserved goods clearly, enticing you to reach for them again and again.

Included in the set are the bands and lids. The bands help secure the lids to the jars, while the lids themselves provide a tight seal to ensure freshness and prevent spoilage. Each part of the set, from jars to lids and bands, reflects the top-notch quality Ball is known for.

Preserving food is not merely a process but a craft, and using the right tools, like Ball Regular Mouth Crystal Quilted Jelly Jars, can elevate this craft to a whole new level.

Q: How many jars are in the set?
A: The set includes 12 regular mouth crystal quilted jelly jars.

Q: Are the jars suitable for other types of preserves?
A: Yes, although designed specifically for jelly, the jars can also be used for other types of preserves, like jams, pickles, and marmalades.

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Q: Can I use these jars for storage purposes?
A: Absolutely! These jars aren’t just for preserving. They can also be used for storing dry goods such as spices, herbs, and cereals.

Q: Is the glass durable?
A: Yes, the jars are made of high-quality, durable glass that withstands the preserving process well.

Q: Are the lids and bands reusable?
A: The bands are reusable. However, for safety reasons and to ensure a tight seal, it’s recommended to use new lids each time you preserve.