Black Rim Vented Tempered Glass Lid with Heat Resistant Silicone for Small Cookware – Dishwasher Safe

Discover a top-tier vented tempered glass lid with a sleek black rim. Made with precision, it boasts heat-resistant silicone features ideal for small-sized cookware. Not only does it complement your kitchenware, but it’s also designed for ease with its dishwasher-friendly attribute.
When it comes to preserving the taste and nutrients of your food, having the right lid is indispensable. This black-rimmed vented tempered glass lid stands out in both function and aesthetic. The vent allows for a controlled release of steam, ensuring your food cooks evenly without becoming soggy. The heat-resistant silicone edge provides an additional safety layer, guarding against burns and ensuring a snug fit on small cookware. Moreover, kitchen clean-up becomes a breeze given its compatibility with dishwashers.

Incorporating this lid into your kitchen essentials ensures a blend of style and practicality. The clear glass also lets you keep an eye on your cooking without lifting the lid, ensuring constant, uninterrupted heat. Whether it’s a simmering stew or a boiling broth, this lid has you covered.

Q: Does the lid fit all types of small cookware?
A: While the lid is designed for most small cookware, it’s best to check the size to ensure a proper fit.

Q: Is the silicone edge durable against continuous exposure to high heat?
A: Absolutely! The silicone is heat-resistant and designed to withstand regular kitchen temperatures.

Q: Can the lid be used in ovens?
A: It’s primarily designed for stovetop use. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations before oven use.

Q: Are there any special care instructions?
A: The lid is dishwasher safe. However, for extended life, gentle hand washing is recommended.