Blue Diamond Ceramic Infused Nonstick Skillet: Ovenproof and Free from PFAS and Dishwasher

Experience an incredible level of cooking freedom with this Blue Diamond Ceramic Infused Nonstick Skillet. Exceptionally designed, it’s a versatile addition to your kitchen that’s not only ovenproof and dishwasher free, but also void of PFAS.
Transform your culinary creations with the Blue Diamond Ceramic Infused Nonstick Skillet. This versatile pan blends the best of both worlds; it’s infused with diamond, a known heat conductor, to deliver consistent cooking results, while its ceramic nonstick coating ensures easy food release and clean-up.

The real beauty of this skillet lies in its ovenproof design. Use it on the hob, then transfer it directly to the oven without worrying about warping or damage. Moreover, being PFAS-free, it offers a safer cooking surface, limiting your exposure to harmful chemicals.

This diamond-blue skillet is a marvel of modern cookware. It’s robust, easy to handle, and designed for everyday use. Its lightweight design makes it comfortable to hold, even when fully loaded with your favourite dishes. The pan’s high sides help prevent spills, while the tight-fitting lid locks in heat and moisture for flavourful cooking.

Despite its durability, this skillet requires no special care. In fact, it’s dishwasher-free, meaning it can be cleaned without the need of a dishwasher – a simple hand wash will do the trick. This is truly a cookware piece designed for the modern kitchen, combining convenience, health safety, and remarkable performance.

Q: Can this pan be used on all types of stovetops?
A: Yes, the Blue Diamond Ceramic Infused Nonstick Skillet is compatible with all stovetops.

Q: Does the nonstick surface wear off over time?
A: With proper care and use, the ceramic nonstick surface of this skillet maintains its effectiveness.

Q: How can this skillet be cleaned if it’s dishwasher-free?
A: Despite being dishwasher-free, this skillet is straightforward to clean. After cooking, allow it to cool, then wash by hand with warm water and a soft sponge.

Q: Is the skillet heavy?
A: This skillet is designed with a lightweight feel for comfortable handling, even when it’s filled with food.