By Dave Kapell – Magnetic Poetry Kids Story Maker (Box Nov) (2002-06

Color Coded – Different Word Types Have Different Colored Backgrounds For Easy Searching. Need The Perfect Noun For Your Story? Choose From The Yellow Tiles. Need To Start Your Story With “Once Upon A Time”? Search The Phrases, Which Are Red..
Educational And Safe – These Poetry Tiles Are Safe For Kids And Have Passed All Applicable Us Safety Testing Requirements. With That Taken Care Of, Kids Can Use And Re-Use The Tiles To Make Sentences And Stories On The Fridge To Their Hearts’ Content. Along The Way, They Can Practice Story-Telling, Sentence Building, Reading, And Spelling. The Kids Word Play Kit Is Even Pretty Fun For The Adults In The House..
Phrases Make Sentence Construction Easy – Includes Phrases Like “By The River”, “At The Museum”, “In The Castle” So Kids Can Express Their Imagination Without Fiddling With Too Many Little Pieces. We Included Phrases And Nouns That Are Adventurous And Related To Things Kids Do Or Dream About..
Huge Variety – Contains 632 Pieces. Pieces Are .375” Tall And Have A Kid-Friendly Font. Contains 12 Adverbs, 44 Adjectives, 169 Nouns (For Stories And Fun Sentences!), 121 Verbs, 127 Prepositions And Phrases, 33 Pronouns, And 126 Other Words. Trust Us When We Say There’S Enough Variety To Have A Fun Time! There Are Duplicates Of Frequently Used Words Like ‘A, The, He, She, And I’ So Kids Can Make Multiple Sentences At A Time..

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A Fun Way to Build Language Skills Kids can use the 632 magnetic pieces to make sentences and poems on metal surfaces. Playing with the magnet tiles is a great way to explore imaginations, practice building sentences, and make funny messages for the whole household or classroom.Huge Variety Contains 632 pieces. Pieces are .375 tall and have a kid-friendly font. Contains 12 adverbs, 44 adjectives, 169 nouns (for stories and fun sentences!), 121 verbs, 127 prepositions and phrases, 33 pronouns, and 126 other words. Trust us when we say there s enough variety to have a fun time! There are duplicates of frequently used words like a, the, he, she, and I so kids can make multiple sentences at a time.Color Coded Different word types have different colored backgrounds for easy searching. Need the perfect noun for your story? Choose from the yellow tiles. Need to start your story with once upon a time ? Search the phrases, which are red.Phrases Make Sentence Construction Easy Includes phrases like by the river , at the museum , in the castle so kids can express their imagination without fiddling with too many little pieces. We included phrases and nouns that are adventurous and related to things kids do or dream about.Educational and Safe These poetry tiles are safe for kids and have passed all applicable US safety testing requirements. With that taken care of, kids can use and re-use the tiles to make sentences and stories on the fridge to their hearts content. Along the way, they can practice story-telling, sentence building, reading, and spelling. The Kids Word Play kit is even pretty fun for the adults in the house.

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