Chalkboard Labelled Gallon Glass Jar: Wide Mouth & Airtight Metal Lid

Discover the elegance and utility of our Gallon Glass Jar, a novelty in storage solutions. With an airtight metal lid and unique chalkboard labels, it’s both practical and stylish.
There’s a certain charm in using glass jars for storage. Not only do they present a clear view of the contents, but they also keep items fresh and safe. Our Gallon Glass Jar is no exception. Its wide mouth ensures ease of access while the airtight metal lid ensures contents remain fresh. What sets it apart, though, is the chalkboard label – a touch of flair that allows for easy identification and personalisation. Plus, with the assurance of being USDA approved and BPA free, this jar becomes an indispensable part of any kitchen or storage space.

Q: What makes this Gallon Glass Jar unique?
A: Its chalkboard labels for easy marking and personalisation combined with an airtight metal lid and wide mouth.

Q: Is the jar safe for food storage?
A: Yes, it’s USDA approved and BPA free, making it safe for storing food items.

Q: Can I write on the chalkboard label with standard chalk?
A: Absolutely! The chalkboard label is designed for use with regular chalk, allowing you to change and update as needed.