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The Science Of This Is:Negatively-Charged Stainless Steel Soap Combines With Positively-Charged Water Amino Acids To Neutralize Odors..
It Is Made Of 304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel, Which Is Of Good Quality, Healthier And More Hygienic..
Eco-Friendly: No Soap Residue; No Chemicals Are Added To The Water; It Can Reuse And Save Your Money With Better Cleaning Effect; It Keeps Your Hands Free From Chemicals..
Just Use Water To Wet It And Rubbed It In Your Hands For 30 Seconds, It Did Remove Any Odor. Simple And Amazing..


This stainless steel soap is used to remove odor. Eliminating Smells Like Onion, Garlic, Fish and Other Strong Scents from Hands and Skin.Just use water to wet it and rubbed it in your hands for 30 seconds, it did remove any odor. Simple and amazing.The science of this is Negatively-charged stainless steel soap combines with positively-charged water amino acids to neutralize odors.ECO-friendly: No soap residue; no chemicals are added to the water; it can reuse and save your money with better cleaning effect; it Keeps your hands free from chemicals.It is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, which is of good quality, healthier and more hygienic.

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· Before explaining options for cleaning and passivating large metal (stainless steel and aluminum) surfaces, it is important to understand how corrosion forms. Stainless steel is a unique metal. It actually forms its own layer of iron-chromium oxide as a deterrent against corrosion.

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· What is passivation? According to ASTM A380, passivation is “the removal of exogenous iron or iron compounds from the surface of stainless steel by means of a chemical dissolution, most typically by a treatment with an acid solution that will remove the surface contamination, but will not significantly affect the stainless steel itself.”

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· The one I’m going to try this Spring is Citrisurf 2310 gel. It’s a gel that you spray on and then rinse off, similar to Wichinox, but much less expensive per unit volume, and perhaps easier and quicker to apply. Passivation is a process of creating a thin, clear, oxide layer to the surface of stainless. This prevents corrosion very effectively.

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We are well known Krystal Surface Solution (Krystal) ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company Manufacturer & exporter of Star chemicals for fume-less pickling and passivation of stainless steel, Pickling Paste, Pickling Gel, Pickling and Passivation Chemical, Pickling Passivation Paste Gel, Star Gel Pickling Gel, Pickling Paste, Stainless Steel Passivation, weld scale removal, SS welding removal.

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· Passivation of stainless steel as defined by ASTM A967 / A967M [affil. link to spec at Techstreet] is the removal of the free iron from the surface, which enables the passive chrome oxide layer to form. Though yes, from a general chemist’s perspective, the passivation is the formation of the unreactive oxide layer itself.

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· About products or processes from Stellar Solutions’ citric acid passivation, phone (847) 854-2800, fax (847) 854-2830. For many years, the stainless steel industry has abided by the requirements of Federal Standards to use potentially hazardous nitric acid baths for passivation.

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· Boston Whaler, 1972-1993, Boat Gel Coat – Spectrum Color Find … Stellar Solutions – Stainless Steel Passivation 304 stainless is not stainproof … Scott Danforth said: buy citrisurf or ospho, dab on, wait a bit, then rinse off. Removing Rust from Stainless Steel | Stellar Solutions – Stainless Steel Passivation …