CLARK’S Cutting Board Soap (12oz) – Castile Based with Lavender & Ro

No Harmful Additives Like Most Dish Soaps. No Artificial Thickeners Or Gels. Clark’s Believes The Best Way To Clean Is Through Natural Means!.
Expert Support – Our Customer Care Team Respond To Every Customer Email! We Want Your Experience To Match The Quality Of Our Products.
Clean The Right Way – Simply Rinse Your Cutting Board Or Wood Products With Water, Lather Up With Clark’S Cutting Board Soap, Rinse It Off With Warm Water, And Dry With A Towel. Now You’Re Ready To Prepare Your Next Meal. Yum!.
Fresh Scent Leaves Your Wooden Kitchen Items Smelling Great..


ORGANIC CASTILE Based Soap formulated for Butcher Blocks, Cutting Boards, Bamboo Cutting Boards, Salad Bowls, Wood Utensils and Wood Countertops.FRESH SCENT leaves your wooden kitchen items smelling great.NO HARMFUL ADDITIVES like most dish soaps. No artificial thickeners or gels. CLARK’S believes the best way to clean is through natural means!CLEAN THE RIGHT WAY Simply rinse your cutting board or wood products with water, lather up with CLARK S Cutting Board Soap, rinse it off with warm water, and dry with a towel. Now you re ready to prepare your next meal. Yum!EXPERT SUPPORT our customer care team respond to every customer email! We want your experience to match the quality of our products