ConnectoRF Heavy Duty Coax RF Ratchet Crimping Tool Crimper for LMR-60


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What kind of Ratchet crimp tool do I Need?

This Crimp Tool is a professional grade ratchet crimp tool with a hardened steel die set. It is suitable for crimping connectors onto RG8, RG11, RG213, LMR-400, Belden 9913 coaxial cable. No questions yet.

Which is the best crimp tool for Amphenol RF?

CRIMP TOOLS. Amphenol RF offers a full line of termination tooling to meet your specific production requirements. All tools meet Amphenol’s stringent design and quality requirements and provide a consistent and reliable crimp each and every time, thereby ensuring the integrity of the connector termination.

What do I need to crimp RF coaxial cable?

This RF Coaxial Cable Crimper & Stripper tool kit utilizes industry standard crimp die dimensions and comes with 2 dies. In many cases a single hex die set will allow the crimping of both contacts and ferrules of RF connectors on a variety of industry standard flexible RG style coaxial cables and low-loss (LMR ®) style cables.

How to install coax crimp connectors ARRL-home?

You can contact Dino at [email protected] Step 7: Crimp the connector. Select the proper die and place it over the ferrule, flush against the connector body, and then squeeze the ratcheting crimp tool handles until they automatically release, indicating the com- pletion of the operation.