Creating Super Soil for Optimal Cannabis Growth: Indoor and Outdoor Techniques

Today, we delve into the creation of a “super soil” recipe, ideal for both indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation. Super soil, a blend of sand, silt, and clay, offers a balanced environment for plant growth. Unlike plants grown in coco, those in super soil exhibit less stretching after the 12/12 light cycle, resulting in smaller stature. This special soil mix is teeming with micro-organisms, capable of self-regeneration over time, thus continuously nourishing the plants.

The perfect soil for outdoor cannabis cultivation is light, loamy, well-draining yet moisture-retentive. We recommend a general-purpose, recycled topsoil, screened to 10mm and blended in an 80:20 ratio with organic, peat-free Eco Mix. The super soil technique involves creating a nutrient-rich, pre-amended soil that supports autoflowering cannabis from seed to harvest, relying solely on watering to activate the microorganisms that break down nutrients for plant absorption.

In a previous discussion, we highlighted the nutrient-rich composition of super soil, vital for the complete life cycle of cannabis plants. The preparation involves thorough mixing and a composting period of 2-4 weeks. This method introduces organic amendments and microbial organisms, fostering an ideal environment for root and plant growth, resulting in stronger immunity and superior end products. Essential components like worm castings, fish bone meal, bat guano, blood meal, rock phosphate, Epsom salt, agricultural lime, and azomite are integral to this mix.

Super Soil Autoflower Concentrate, a premium quality product, amends potting soil with essential nutrients and microorganisms for healthy growth. The book’s first part, “Soil Science”, introduces soil formation, mineralogy, taxonomy, and analytical techniques. A basic soil mix, comprising 20% of the total, should be combined with super soil, creating a well in the center for planting.

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Replicating natural outdoor soil conditions, super soil ensures optimal growth for cannabis. Post-harvest, it’s crucial to remove stalks and roots to protect the soil for future cultivation. For container gardening, our secret is a special mix of soil amendments, perfect for bucket gardens and containers. Loamy soils, a 40:40:20 mixture of sand, silt, and clay, are ideal, with sand providing a granular texture. Quality organic topsoil, enriched with peat-free compost, is recommended for landscaping and vibrant flower borders.

Some growers opt for organic “super soil”, which autonomously supplies plants with necessary nutrients without additional inputs or pH management. Our 18-nutrient blend ensures robust growth from start to harvest, reflecting the comprehensive coverage of soil physics, chemistry, biology, fertility, and genesis in our academic collection. This approach simplifies gardening, with the soil mix ready for immediate planting.

Super soil is not just a growing medium; it’s a vital natural resource integral to Europe’s ecosystems, agriculture, and economy. The IndiCanja Organic Living Soil is a water-only super soil, providing everything needed from seedling to harvest. Purple Cow, a company conducting heavy-metal testing, is a testament to the quality and safety of these products.

Super Soil for Cannabis Growth

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