Does the Kenmore 7 qt Slow Cooker Offer a Delayed Start Feature?

The Kenmore Programmable 7 qt Slow Cooker with Dipper Sauce-Warmer is a versatile kitchen appliance that boasts a sleek black and silver stainless steel design, complemented by a digital display and one-touch controls. It is designed to facilitate a variety of cooking methods including braising, simmering, sous vide, stewing, and the preparation of soups, chilis, and curries. Having been used once, the slow cooker has proven to be easy to operate, delivering delicious food without complication.

Despite the product descriptions on multiple websites indicating that this model includes a delayed start feature, this is not the case. The Kenmore slow cooker in question offers basic functionality, equipped with a countdown timer and an additional small pot for warming dips. It’s important for potential buyers to note that the absence of a delayed start feature might affect their cooking schedule, although the appliance does operate efficiently, as evidenced by the ability to prepare meals that are ready by a set time, such as 4:00 PM.

There is no lock feature on this slow cooker model, but it has not detracted from its overall performance. It works exceptionally well for long cooking periods, as one can set it in the morning and return to a fully prepared meal by the afternoon. The inclusion of a small dipper sauce-warmer adds to its appeal, making it a convenient tool for entertaining and hosting.

This Kenmore slow cooker is the same model previously owned and loved by a user who expresses satisfaction with being able to purchase it again, despite the discrepancy in advertised features.

Does the Kenmore 7 qt Slow Cooker Offer a Delayed Start Feature?
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