Eggs in Cup: Using Medical Stone Stick Frying Pan? Suitable for Gas Stove?

**Discover the unique charm of the Cup Fried Egg Pan made with medical stone stick. This breakfast-special skillet, divided for convenience, seamlessly fits into your morning routine. Let’s delve into why it’s the talk of every kitchen and if it’s truly suitable for your gas stove.

**The Cup Fried Egg Pan, enhanced with a medical stone stick surface, offers a non-stick experience unparalleled to conventional skillets. Divided sections in the pan allow multiple eggs or ingredients to be cooked simultaneously without mixing, ensuring a hassle-free breakfast preparation.

The medical stone stick coating is renowned for its even heat distribution, anti-scratch properties, and easy clean-up. It ensures that your eggs are cooked perfectly, with a soft yolk and crispy edges, every time. Additionally, this innovative frying pan significantly reduces the amount of oil or butter required, making it a healthier choice.

But, with so many of us using gas stoves, a crucial query arises: Is this frying pan compatible?

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