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Breathable – We’ve Liked To Provide Extra Comfort By Providing A Non See Thru Mesh-Like Fabric To The Top Of Our Caps, Allowing Air To Flow Keeping You Cool And Dry..
Active Use- This Cap Is Deep Enough For Spacious Hair But Also Fits Snug Around The Crown Of Head. This Cap Will Stay On Your Head Under Any Kind Of Work. These Are Not Excluded To Kitchen Or Medical Settings. Rest Assure These Can Be Used In Any Work Requiring Head Covering..
Depth- We Introduce A Large Cap To Suit Different Traits Of Each Individual Whether Your Hair Is Wavy, Curly, Or Puffy. If You Like To Do Up-Dos, Buns Or Ponytails And Cant Comfortably Wear Your Hair At Work Because You Cant Find A Bigger Cook Cap. Look No Further, We Got A Larger And Stylish Satin Work Cap!.
Satin Lining – Our Caps Are Lined Around The Crown With Satin In Order To Help You Reduce Damaging Your Hair. The Lining Helps Maintain Natural Hair Oils Keeping Your Hair And Scalp From Dryness..

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LARGE SIZE- Because one size DOES NOT fit all! We all are unique and different, our brand wants to provide a solution to fit your traits. Whether you have long, short, thick, thin hair or just like to wear larger caps. WE GOT YOU COVERED!!SATIN LINING – Our caps are lined around the crown with satin in order to help you reduce damaging your hair. The lining helps maintain natural hair oils keeping your hair and scalp from dryness.BREATHABLE – We’ve liked to provide extra comfort by providing a NON SEE THRU mesh-like fabric to the top of our caps, allowing air to flow keeping you cool and dry.DEPTH- We introduce a Large cap to suit different traits of each individual whether your hair is wavy, curly, or puffy. If you like to do up-dos, buns or ponytails and cant comfortably wear your hair at work because you cant find a bigger cook cap. Look no further, we got a larger and stylish Satin Work Cap!Active Use- This cap is deep enough for spacious hair but also fits snug around the crown of head. This cap will stay on your head under any kind of work. These are not excluded to kitchen or medical settings. Rest assure these can be used in any work requiring head covering.

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