Elite Gourmet MST-900RXT Electric Ceramic XL Jumbo Slow Cooker Review


The slow cooker is an essential kitchen tool, especially during the cold seasons. For the avid hunters and those living in regions with chilly winters, like South Dakota, having a reliable and large-capacity crock pot becomes a necessity. Enter the Elite Gourmet MST-900RXT Electric Ceramic XL Jumbo Slow Cooker, a product that seems to promise great functionality for those homemade meals.

Features & Specifications

What are the key features of the Elite Gourmet MST-900RXT Slow Cooker?

The slow cooker boasts an 8.5-quart capacity, adjustable temperature settings, and is suitable for making entrees, sauces, stews, and dips. It also includes a dishwasher-safe glass lid and crock. The cooker’s metallic red finish adds a stylish touch to your kitchen decor. Plus, its raised legs offer added height for clearance underneath.

Performance and Usage

How does the Elite Gourmet MST-900RXT perform in real-life usage?

Users have praised its capacity, noting how it pleasantly surprised them with how much it can hold. This slow cooker seems perfect for both small families and larger gatherings. Meals cooked in this pot have been described as perfect, with chicken turning out juicy and practically falling apart. It heats up quickly and also has an option to keep the food warm, making it convenient for those long winter days or after outdoor activities. Additionally, the pot is suitable for roasting small beef roasts, chickens, or turkeys, and is user-friendly. An added feature is that it automatically shifts to ‘warm’ when done cooking.

Pros and Cons

What do users love and not love about the Elite Gourmet MST-900RXT?

On the upside, users appreciate its large size, perfect for serving neighbors and friends or storing leftovers. They also love the added height provided by its legs and its overall efficiency in cooking. However, some users mentioned its considerable weight, although they understood the reason behind it. One user reported a minor flaw—a small chip at the bottom outside, but it wasn’t significant enough to affect the cooker’s functionality. Another point to consider is the shipping, which was noted to be slow for one user.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a large-capacity slow cooker that delivers in performance, the Elite Gourmet MST-900RXT is definitely worth considering. With its myriad of user-praising features and a few minor caveats, it’s a kitchen tool that promises warmth, deliciousness, and convenience for those cold days and hearty meals.

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