Exploring Adrian Dunbar’s Diverse Career: From ‘Line of Duty’ to New Ventures

Adrian Dunbar
Adrian Dunbar, renowned for his role as Superintendent Ted Hastings in the hit BBC series “Line of Duty,” has been a versatile figure in the entertainment industry. His journey includes notable performances in “The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce,” where he played Father Philip Connolly alongside fellow Enniskillen actor Ciarán McMenamin. Dunbar’s talent extends beyond acting, as he is reportedly in talks to record an album, showcasing his musical skills.

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His success story includes finding fame later in life, reflecting on the importance of persistence in an industry often focused on youth. Despite this, Dunbar has not only thrived in his iconic role in “Line of Duty” alongside Martin Compston and Vicky McClure but also in diverse roles like Alan Cox in “The Jump,” Martin Summers in “Ashes to Ashes,” and Richard Plantagenet in “The Hollow Crown.” His versatility is further highlighted in his upcoming cop show, “Ridley,” where he plays a retired DI who co-owns a jazz club.

Dunbar’s range as an actor and director is impressive, with performances in productions like “Broken” as Father Flaherty and his upcoming role alongside Cush Jumbo in the Young Vic theatre’s production of “Hamlet.” His ability to adapt to various genres and characters makes him a standout figure in the acting world. Fans eagerly await his return to the screen in ITV’s new drama ‘Ridley,’ while still holding hope for a potential seventh season of “Line of Duty.”

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