Farberware Professional Plastic Measuring Cups with Coffee Spoon, Set


The Included Coffee Scoop Measures Out The Perfect Amount Of Coffee Grinds Every Time. Made Of Plastic With Easy-To-Read Measurements, They Are Ideal For Both Wet And Dry Ingredients.


This Farberware Professional 5-Piece Measuring Cup and Coffee Scoop Set takes the guesswork out of cooking and bakingmade of plastic with easy-to-read measurements, they are ideal for both wet and dry ingredientsThe included coffee scoop measures out the perfect amount of coffee grinds every time

Are there different types of measuring spoons and cups?

Additionally, we offer measuring cups and spoons separately or in sets, so you can find a replacement or get all the measuring products you need in one place. As an added bonus, there are several different color options to choose from, which is ideal for color coordinating and organizing your measuring equipment.

What kind of plastic is a measuring cup made out of?

These cups are made out of smooth, rounded, BPA-free plastic. This set only comes in several colors, including KitchenAid red and teal, and in four sizes: 1 cup, ½ cup, ⅓ cup, and ¼ cup. The handles on this set have rubberized non-slip padding for security, with the measurements printed on each handle.

What should water level be in Farberware coffee percolator?

If you want to brew the maximum amount of coffee, the maximum water level should always be under the pump tube’s bottom. Place the coffee basket on the pump tube and add your desired level of coarsely ground coffee. The recommended ratio should be one spoon of coffee to one cup of water.

Which is the best Farberware cookware to buy?

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