Two factors make this Panasonic microwave fast: it has 1,250 watts of heating power, one of the highest we tested, and a built-in inverter that helps heat food faster and more evenly. Normally, microwaves mimic low heat by repeatedly turning the power on and off, which can lead to uneven cooking. It also takes longer. Inverters help provide continuous power without the constant on/off switching. In our tests, microwaves with inverters reheated food evenly and baked potatoes, but couldn’t defrost ground beef as well as regular microwaves. It also has a smart sensor that detects the amount of steam in the food and adjusts both the power level and cooking time for the best results.

It has many features such as a Quick-30 button, a More and Less button to set the cooking time in 10-second increments, a Quick-Minute timer, a Delay Start feature, and a Child Lock. We love the keep warm function that runs for up to 30 minutes after the end of a cooking cycle – it can be added at the beginning of the cooking cycle! The sensor cook button has an impressive 14 presets from oatmeal to fish fillets, but stick to your owner’s manual because that’s a lot of codes to remember.

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