Geesta Ceramic Spoon Rest for Kitchen Counter and Stove Top, Utensil

Great Size: The Spoon Rest With Perfect Size Makes It A Good Fit For Almost Any Sized Spoon And Even Some Ladles. Its Size (8.1″ L And 3.5″ W) Provides Ample Space For Different Types Of Utensils But Is Still Compact Enough To Not Hog Up A Lot Of Counter Space..
Great Gift For Any Occasion: Elegant Design, Smooth Appearance, Charming White Porcelain Will Complement Any Home Decoration. Suit For A Housewarming Gift, Wedding Gift, Birthday Gift, Christmas Gift Or Holiday Gift-Giving Gift..
No Messes In The Kitchen: From Stovetop To Counter, This Spoon Rest Earns You A Well-Deserved Break From Constantly Wiping After Messy Spoon Marks. Finished With A White Glaze And Words “Spoon”, The Ceramic Spoon Rest Fits Seamlessly Into A Range Of Farmhouse Kitchens While Providing Protection To Countertops..
Easy To Clean & Convenient Organization: The Smooth Glass Glazed Surface Is Easy To Clean. Safe For Dishwasher, Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator. When You Are Not Using It, The Round Hole Design On The Handle Allows You To Easily Hang On The Kitchen Wall Surface..


High-quality materials: Made of high-quality ceramics, cadmium and lead-free. The heavy and durable ceramic makes it stay securely in place and is non-slip. (In contrast, lightweight silicone or other material may skid or slide around the counter every time you try to put a utensil down.)Easy to clean & Convenient organization: The smooth glass glazed surface is easy to clean. Safe for dishwasher, microwave, oven, refrigerator. When you are not using it, the round hole design on the handle allows you to easily hang on the kitchen wall surface.Great Size: The spoon rest with perfect size makes it a good fit for almost any sized spoon and even some ladles. Its size (8.1 L and 3.5 W) provides ample space for different types of utensils but is still compact enough to not hog up a lot of counter space.No Messes in the Kitchen: From stovetop to counter, this Spoon Rest earns you a well-deserved break from constantly wiping after messy spoon marks. Finished with a white glaze and words Spoon, the ceramic spoon rest fits seamlessly into a range of farmhouse kitchens while providing protection to countertops.Great Gift for Any Occasion: Elegant design, smooth appearance, charming white porcelain will complement any home decoration. Suit for a housewarming gift, wedding gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift or holiday gift-giving gift.