Get Fascinated Fire Pit Mat Premium Double-Coated Silicone Firepro

Multipurpose Design: Place This Fire Mat Under Any Pit To Protect The Composite, Stone, Concrete, Wood Or Grass Layer Underneath From Ashes, Embers, And Grease Falling From The Pit. This Allows You To Keep The Surface Intact For Longer, Preventing Any Marks And Oil Stains..
Easy To Install: All You Must Do To Ensure A Secure And Proper Installation Is Simply Place The Fire Mat For Deck Under The Pit And Enjoy Your Barbeque. Use This For Any Type Of Pit And Take It With You While Camping. The Special Reflective Edging Makes It A Safe And Great Option For The Outdoors..
Extended Coverage: Our Fireproof Mat Has A 36-Inch Diameter Designed To Cover A Larger Area For Enhanced Protection. The Firepit Mat Is Also Lightweight And Portable, Which Makes It A Great For Traveling..
Made To Last: The Fire Pit Mat For Deck Fireproof Features A Double-Layer Design Made Of Aluminum Fiberglass, Heat Cotton, And Rubber Fiberglass Cloth. The Fireproof Mat For Deck Has Insulating Properties, Which Allows You To Avoid Heat Damage On A Wide Range Of Surfaces..


Optimal Solution: The deck fire pit is an innovative solution to secure and protect any area under a fire pit. Easy to use and super practical, this fire pit mat for deck is a must-have for any homeowner.Made to Last: The fire pit mat for deck fireproof features a double-layer design made of aluminum fiberglass, heat cotton, and rubber fiberglass cloth. The fireproof mat for deck has insulating properties, which allows you to avoid heat damage on a wide range of surfaces.Multipurpose Design: Place this fire mat under any pit to protect the composite, stone, concrete, wood or grass layer underneath from ashes, embers, and grease falling from the pit. This allows you to keep the surface intact for longer, preventing any marks and oil stains.Extended Coverage: Our fireproof mat has a 36-inch diameter designed to cover a larger area for enhanced protection. The firepit mat is also lightweight and portable, which makes it a great for traveling.Easy to Install: All you must do to ensure a secure and proper installation is simply place the fire mat for deck under the pit and enjoy your barbeque. Use this for any type of pit and take it with you while camping. The special reflective edging makes it a safe and great option for the outdoors.