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You Don’t Have To Use A Bulky Cutting Board Every Time. A Set Of Two Cutting Boards, It’s Affordable!.
The Best Small Chopping Boards You Can Use At Any Time.
Ideal For Handling Fruits, Small Breads, Biscuits, Cheese, Children’s Food, Office, Student Residences.
Only 7″X7″ Mini Cutting Boards, Lightweight And Easy To Store.


Small size chopping board designed for home, travel, campingOnly 7×7 mini cutting boards, lightweight and easy to storeYou don’t have to use a bulky cutting board every time. A set of two cutting boards, it’s affordable!Ideal for handling fruits, small breads, biscuits, cheese, children’s food, office, student residencesThe best small chopping boards you can use at any time

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· Bamboo is a major seller with home chefs and here are the top five benefits of using bamboo cutting boards. Low Maintenance Wood. Wood selection has always been the most important part of selecting a good cutting board. Classical cutting boards have normally been made of out dense woods, such as maple, walnut or cherry vs porous woods such as …

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Instead, use your wood cutting board for table-ready foods like herbs, vegetables, fruit, bread and cheese. End Grain vs. Edge Grain Cutting Boards. This is another thing to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a cutting board. The terms “end grain” and “edge grain” refer to which part of the wood is used to construct the board.

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This post collects cutting boards for every type of cooking enthusiast and professional chef alike – including bamboo, plastic, solid wood, composite, marble, and more, in every shape and size. Don’t forget to check out our big list of kitchen gadgets and these incredible fruit bowls if you want to get serious about equipping your kitchen in style.

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· This large 15″ x 20″ cutting board is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation for being non-porous and non-absorbent. That means, that after washing, it …

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The result is that we end up using a cutting board made of different materials. Out of all the cutting board materials available, wood can be an excellent choice for several reasons. If you need to cut food, you need a cutting board. However, a wooden cutting board …

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· Bamboo, considered a grass and not a wood, makes a terrific cutting board. The fact that it’s so fast-growing makes it a renewable resource and a great choice for the eco-conscious. Bamboo acts similar to wood — it’s still somewhat porous but is considered harder than wood.

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Check out our cutting boards. We have a big choice of different cutting board colors and sizes. You’ll find everything from thick, solid wood butcher’s blocks to flexible plastic ones that you can bend. Some of our range can also be used as stylish serving trays for food like cheese or fruit.

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Larch Wood Butcher Block 18 x 18 x 3. $399.99 $349.95. Kiso Hinoki Large Hinoki Cutting Board 20 x 12 x 1. $94.95.

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Wooden chopping boards are the preferred cutting surface for your knives as they absorb knife marks and are gentler on the blade. Shop our range of durable wood cutting boards from top kitchenware brands. Shop online or at any Kitchen Warehouse store near you, and enjoy good customer service, fast shipping and a reassuring 30-day money-back …

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