How to Create Delicious Drunken Braised Hairy Crab with Red Paste at Home?

Q: Can I substitute the special drunken braising sauce with another sauce?
A: The unique flavor of this dish largely depends on the drunken braising sauce. While you can experiment with other sauces, the taste will be significantly different.

Q: Is it necessary to soak the crabs in salt water?
A: Yes, soaking the crabs in salt water helps to clean them thoroughly and can also draw out impurities.

Q: How do I know when the crabs are fully cooked?
A: The crabs are fully cooked when their shells turn a bright red color and the flesh becomes opaque.

Drunken Braised Hairy Crab with Red Paste


  • 1 bottle of Special Drunken Braising Sauce
  • 4 Hairy Crabs
  • 10 Green Onions
  • 1 piece of Ginger
  1. Start with fresh hairy crabs, a symbol of parental love.
  2. Note the large size of the crabs.
  3. Soak the crabs in saltwater for half an hour, then thoroughly wash and brush them.
  4. Add an appropriate amount of water to a pot.
  5. Add chopped green onions and ginger slices.
  6. Bring the water to a boil, then continue boiling for 10 minutes.
  7. Once the crabs are cooked, they should be in a 'running away' posture.
  8. Remove the cooked crabs from the pot.
  9. Admire the bright red color of the cooked crabs.
  10. Place the crabs on a serving plate.
  11. Open the bottle of special drunken braising sauce.
  12. Pour the sauce generously over the crabs.
  13. Add extra sauce if desired.
  14. Take a moment to appreciate the dish before serving.
  15. Enjoy the large, delicious crabs.
  16. Savor the sweet and delightful taste.
  17. Start enjoying one of the crabs yourself.
  18. Prepare this meal as a loving lunch for yourself and your mother.
  19. Present the finished dish.
  20. Take your time to fully enjoy the unique flavor.
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  • Contains essential minerals like zinc and selenium.
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