How to Effectively Meal Prep: Tips and Storage Solutions

Meal prepping is an efficient way to ensure you have healthy meals throughout the week. Two effective strategies include batch cooking entire recipes or prepping bulk ingredients ahead of time. For a quick and nutritious option, try baking egg cups or muffins by mixing eggs with veggies, and optionally meat, then baking them in muffin tins, jars, or ramekins.

Make batch cooking a comfortable experience by allocating a few hours when you’re not rushed. Enhance your kitchen with the ideal storage solutions—our collection of Tupperware is perfect for keeping both ingredients and prepared meals fresh. If preparing whole meals isn’t your preference, consider batch cooking time-intensive components like potatoes or brown rice.

Tupperware Storage Solutions

When storing food, cool recipes to room temperature before filling ziplock bags three-quarters full. Label each bag with the recipe’s name and the freezing date for easy identification. Discover the best meal prep containers made of durable plastic that retains shape under pressure, ideal for packing meals on the go.

Meal Prep Containers (ad)

For soups, stews, or chili, a good portion ranges from 250-350ml—meaning you’ll need about a litre per batch for a family of four. Our set includes three rectangular dishes, one square dish, and two round boxes, all BPA-free with clever lids, complying with 2012 legislation.

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