IMEKO TPU Cutting Board, BPA Free, Knife Friendly, Flexible, Dishwas

Knife Friendly : Our Superior Quality Tpu Enables Imeko Cutting Boards To Have A Soft And Smooth Surface Which Won’T Harm Your Knife Blades ; Moreover, A Perimeter Juice Groove Prevents The Overflow Of Water And Liquids.Imeko Cutting Boards Are Not Suitable For Microwave Use..
Space Saving : Imeko Cutting Boards Are Thin But Durable: You Can Slide Them In Your Drawers , In Your Backpack Or Underneath Your Microwave; Its Hanging Hole Make Even Easier To Store Them Just On On The Back Of Your Shutters Or On The Side Of Your Fridge..
Ergonomic Design: Imeko Cutting Boards Are Flexible But Sturdy, Perfect To Carry Food Into Pots, Pans Or Food Containers. Imeko Cutting Boards Are Also Very Lightweight, Very Easy To Carry Wherever You Need Them: The Perfect Tool Not Only For You Kitchen, But Also For Your Camping, Your Bbqs , Your Rv..
Dishwasher Friendly: Tpu Has A Very Good Heat Resistance And Can Be Exposed To Warm And Hot Water Up To 194°: For This Reason Imeko Cutting Boards Can Be Cleansed In Your Dishwasher; Moreover, Tpu Has Good Resistance To Most Oils And Greases: Just The Perfect Material For Imeko Cutting Boards..


BPA FREE: our Premium TPU is a very advanced material. It is a “green material” as it is environmental friendly: BPA FREE, biodegradable, recyclable, completely inert and so it is used in many biomedical applications and baby products.TPU is an extremely flexible and elastic material: it has both a high abrasion and shear resistance: the ideal material for IMEKO cutting boards.DISHWASHER FRIENDLY: TPU has a very good heat resistance and can be exposed to warm and hot water up to 194 : for this reason IMEKO cutting boards can be cleansed in your dishwasher; moreover, TPU has good resistance to most oils and greases: just the perfect material for IMEKO cutting boards.KNIFE FRIENDLY : our superior quality TPU enables IMEKO cutting boards to have a soft and smooth surface which won t harm your knife blades ; moreover, a perimeter juice groove prevents the overflow of water and liquids.IMEKO cutting boards are not suitable for microwave use.ERGONOMIC DESIGN: IMEKO cutting boards are flexible but sturdy, perfect to carry food into pots, pans or food containers. IMEKO cutting boards are also very lightweight, very easy to carry wherever you need them: the perfect tool not only for you kitchen, but also for your camping, your BBQs , your RV.SPACE SAVING : IMEKO cutting boards are thin but durable: you can slide them in your drawers , in your backpack or underneath your microwave; its hanging hole make even easier to store them just on on the back of your shutters or on the side of your fridge.