Indulge in Sweet Creations with Finch Bakery’s Cookbook: A Treasure Trove of Baking Recipes

Finch Bakery Book Cover

“The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook” presents 1000 foolproof and affordable recipes, suitable for the whole family. It’s a perfect guide for those wanting to bake, dehydrate, and roast using an air fryer. In a similar vein, Finch Bakery’s “Disco Bakes and Party Cakes” offers over 80 Instagram-ready baking recipes. This includes occasion cakes, tray bakes, cookies, no-bake cakes, and much more, ensuring a delightful treat for every occasion.

Finch Bakery Cookbook (ad)

Lauren and Rachel Finch, the founders of Finch Bakery, reveal their best-kept secrets in this book. They cover everything from decorating celebration cakes to making brownies, cupcakes, macarons, stuffed cookies, and signature cake jars. This heart-pounding narrative is not just about recipes but also about a young finch’s adventurous journey, adding a unique twist to the baking experience.

Magnolia Bakery celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary with a special publication, offering nearly 150 recipes and essential baking tips. This book is a visual and culinary delight, perfect for home bakers. Finch Bakery, located in Blackburn and Great Harwood, is known for its delectable sweet treats. The bakery is soon bringing its nostalgic baked goods to Manchester with a debut pop-up.

The book, a Sunday Times bestseller, is designed in collaboration with the renowned publisher DK. It’s a must-have for any baking enthusiast, packed with recipes and baking secrets. The Finch twins started their journey in their mum’s kitchen and have now turned Finch Bakery into a successful business. Their book is an unashamed celebration of sugar, offering a plethora of Instagram-ready recipes and baking techniques.

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