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Iron Grill Pan with Glass Lid & Handle - Seasoned Square Skillet & Scraper - Microwave Recipes

Iron Grill Pan with Glass Lid & Handle – Seasoned Square Skillet & Scraper

Discover the seasoned iron grill pan, a cornerstone in any cook’s kitchen. Offering a unique square design, it comes complete with a sturdy handle and transparent glass lid. This skillet isn’t just about grilling; it’s also perfect for frying and sautéing. Plus, the included scraper ensures you’ll have an easy clean-up after every use.

Iron skillets have long been hailed for their durability and even heating. Our seasoned square grill pan is no exception. Boasting a robust structure, its square shape provides ample space for your culinary masterpieces. The integrated handle is designed for easy manoeuvring, ensuring that your hands stay safe from the heat. One of its standout features is the glass lid. Transparent and sturdy, it allows you to monitor your cooking without losing heat or moisture. This means juicier meats and perfectly cooked veggies every time.

And we understand the concerns about cleaning such a formidable pan. That’s where the scraper comes into play. Tailored to fit the pan’s grooves, it ensures remnants from your culinary creations are easily removed, making the clean-up process as effortless as the cooking.

Whether you’re whipping up a steak or frying some veggies, this seasoned iron grill pan promises consistency, durability, and top-notch results.

Q: Can this pan be used on all cooktops?
A: Absolutely! The iron grill pan is versatile and compatible with various cooktops, including induction.

Q: How do I maintain the seasoning on the skillet?
A: To maintain its seasoning, avoid using soap when cleaning. Instead, use warm water and the scraper. After washing, dry it thoroughly and apply a light layer of cooking oil.

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Q: Is the handle heat-resistant?
A: The iron handle is designed to disperse heat. However, it’s always a good idea to use oven mitts or a cloth when handling the pan during or after cooking.

Q: What’s the actual size of the pan?
A: The title indicates it’s an ‘Inch Pre Skillet’. However, always check the product details or description to determine the exact size.