Is the 6-8 Quart Heat Resistant Slow Cooker Mat Effective?

Is the 6-8 Quart Heat Resistant Slow Cooker Mat Effective?
Slow Cooker Heat Resistant Mat (ad)
The Slow Cooker Heat Resistant Mat for 6-8 quart appliances seems to be a mixed bag. On one hand, it fits larger crock pots perfectly and its size is appreciated, especially for those who may be a bit messy when serving. Its lightweight silicone material makes it easy to clean, and it is versatile enough to be used on various counter types, like true butcher blocks, without leaving any burn or water marks.

However, there are some downsides. While it folds for storage, it tends to retain the fold’s shape. Some might say it feels a bit cheaply made. There is also a concern with its heat resistance—after using it under a crockpot, both the mat and the countertop became very hot, which suggests it may not perform up to the expected standards.

Despite some of the issues, users are pleased with their slow cookers, which do get warm on the outside, indicating the mat serves its purpose to some extent. It has proven to be a necessary accessory for protecting countertops, and its durability has been noted with use on surfaces like butcher block. The question remains whether it’s the best solution for heat protection or if there are better alternatives out there.

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