Is the Hamilton Beach 33231 3 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker Worth It?

The Hamilton Beach 33231 Programmable Slow Cooker, with a 3-quart capacity, is a mixed bag in terms of customer satisfaction. One user expressed delight in their large slow cooker, finding it perfect for personal use or meals for two. Its ease of use and cleaning are praised, but a suggestion to preheat the cooker for better performance was noted.

However, the unboxing experience for another customer was less than ideal. They received their slow cooker in a large, unmarked box, with another box inside containing the cooker surrounded by stiff brown paper and non-fun bubble wrap. The disappointment continued as the slow cooker itself was found to be damaged.

Despite its size, capable of holding items as large as a small turkey or a huge roast, there’s a discrepancy in its features. It’s marketed as programmable, yet it is not, offering only basic settings of warm, low, and high. This has led to some dissatisfaction among users, feeling that the product isn’t worth the money.

On a positive note, the slow cooker excels in cooking a variety of dishes, from baked potatoes and blackberry cobbler to roasts and soups. It’s particularly praised for being perfect for a complete corned beef dinner in one pot, highlighting its convenience for small-scale cooking.

In conclusion, while the Hamilton Beach 33231 Slow Cooker boasts of its versatility and ease of use, issues such as mislabeling and damage upon delivery have caused some dissatisfaction. Prospective buyers should weigh these factors when considering this product.

Hamilton Beach 33231 Programmable Slow Cooker 3 Quart Black

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