Is the Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Lid a Good Fit for Your Slow Cooker?

I recently got my hands on the Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Lid, which is compatible with a 6-quart oval slow cooker crock. The lid comes with a fry basket and tray, and it’s adaptable with multiple brands, specifically model number 33602 in black. The lid sits perfectly on top of the crockpot, making it a very versatile and easy-to-use device. However, within four months of use, I noticed that the symbols on the front for controlling settings began to wear off. This was surprising since I didn’t use any chemical or abrasive soap, but it certainly makes the product difficult to use. To overcome this, I had to create my own stick-on labels to continue using the fryer. Despite this flaw, it’s still a decent product; just be prepared for the possibility that the symbols might wear off.

The air fryer lid quickly fries food, which is a significant plus, but it requires vigilance during cooking as the heating elements are close to the food, which can lead to easy burning or over-browning. It’s important to flip the food occasionally for the best results. Unfortunately, after just one use, the fan started to grind loudly against the vents, so I plan to exchange it.

Despite these issues, the product is generally easy to use, with intuitive controls. It heats up quickly and performs well as an air fryer. It turns a slow cooker into a completely different appliance and is simple to operate. For instance, I could fit four large chicken thighs in the basket, which cooked faster than expected. Although the chicken turned out moist and delicious, I’ll opt for a lower heat next time.

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The lid was a great addition for my wife, who appreciated the idea of augmenting an existing appliance to serve a new function. Nevertheless, we noticed the power cord is quite short, which can be inconvenient, although it’s meant to be a safety feature. In our first test with the air fryer lid, we cooked frozen shoe-string potatoes, following the recommended times, and they came out well.

This lid essentially transforms your 6-quart oval-shaped slow cooker into an air fryer. It’s a smart way to give your slow cooker more versatility, preventing the need to buy an additional appliance. The lid is easy to clean and store, and the included fry basket is a great bonus. It’s well-priced and could make a nice gift. However, it’s crucial to realize that this is just a lid, not a full air fryer unit. This misunderstanding led to some initial disappointment, as it costs as much as some standalone air fryers. Nonetheless, I’m excited to try it out once I find someone with a compatible slow cooker.

Cleaning the air fryer lid wasn’t too challenging, and it delivered some delicious fried chicken. If you’re in the market for something like this, ensure you know that you’re buying a lid that complements a slow cooker, not an independent air fryer.

Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Lid

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