Is the Silicone Divider Liner Suitable for 6-Quart Crock Pots?

Silicone Divider Liner for Crock Pot

This silicone divider liner for Crock Pots, designed for 7 to 8-quart sizes, has garnered neutral feedback due to size compatibility issues. It has been lauded for its concept, ease of use, and clean-up convenience. However, some users have faced challenges, particularly with the fit in 6-quart models, which is slightly larger than expected. Despite the minor sizing discrepancy, users appreciate that it does not affect the food’s flavor, texture, or cooking time. The foldable design is another highlight, offering a practical storage solution without taking up significant space.

The thickness and durability of the silicone material are reassuring to users, who are not worried about melting or tearing. Additionally, the presence of FDA approval stamped on the product has satisfied concerns regarding its food-grade quality. While it has been designed to fit most slow cookers, some have found it a quarter inch too wide and half an inch too tall, suggesting that not all ‘most’ cases are covered. Even with its imperfect fit, it still manages to perform well and is preferred over alternative liners, such as bags.

For those looking to purchase this liner, it is recommended to check the size of your slow cooker before buying. The liner’s functionality and concept receive praise, but the fit issue is a caveat for potential users with 6-quart Crock Pots.

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