Is the Triple Slow Cooker 3 X 1.5QT Worth Your Money?

Triple Slow Cooker 3 X 1.5QT

I recently had the chance to use the ZOKSUN Dual Slow Cooker with its 2 Pots, both small and convenient for a tight cooking space. It’s stainless steel, dishwasher safe, and honestly a bit of a charm in the kitchen. The idea of having three slow cookers in one is fantastic for varied dishes like tacos with separate compartments for meat, beans, and rice. And for those who adore a range of soups or meats, it’s quite the helper.

However, after my initial use, I’ve noted that while the concept is good, the execution may fall short. Initially, the high setting heated an 18.8 ounce can of soup in about 15 minutes, but recently it’s been taking 40 minutes and not getting as hot. Despite this, it still functions adequately for slow cooking, but I have had to downgrade it by one star due to the decrease in heating performance.

We recently utilized our slow cooker to keep meat and cheese warm for chips and cheese, and it was perfect. The temperature was spot on without any burning, and the dual pots made it easy to serve complementary dishes. For small gatherings or cocktail events, this is ideal. But be warned, the pots are small, so for larger parties, it might not be as efficient since you’d have to refill the pots constantly.

If you’re considering this for small family gatherings, the ZOKSUN Dual Slow Cooker is a delightful choice for serving multiple warm sides. Just be cautious of its capacity and heating inconsistencies over time.

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