Large GREY BAKE Ceramic Casserole Dish – Lid Quart Lasagna Pan

Uncover the excellence and versatility of the GREY BAKE Ceramic Casserole Dish. Perfect for various oven delights, its size ensures even the heartiest of lasagnas fit with ease. Not only designed for the oven, but it’s also ready for microwave and dishwasher tasks.
GREY BAKE’s Ceramic Casserole Dish stands out in the world of ovenware. It boasts a rich grey hue, giving it a stylish yet classic appearance. Suitable for an array of culinary creations, from pasta dishes to baked desserts, its deep design ensures you never run out of space. With a robust lid quart, your dishes stay moist and flavorful. This casserole dish transitions seamlessly between cooking appliances – be it your traditional oven or microwave. Cleaning up after a hearty meal doesn’t need to be a challenge; this dish is fully dishwasher compatible, ensuring ease of maintenance.

Q: Is the GREY BAKE Casserole Dish safe for microwave use?
A: Absolutely! It’s been crafted for both oven and microwave compatibility.

Q: Can I clean it in the dishwasher?
A: Yes, the dish is dishwasher friendly, making cleaning effortless.

Q: What size lasagna can it accommodate?
A: Thanks to its deep and large design, it can comfortably fit hearty lasagna portions.