Microwave platter cover, new Microwave Lid prevent splatter cover, PBA


Pros: Steam Vents; Large Size Fits Most Plates; Easy-Grip Handles.. Cons:Can’T Be Used For Longer Than 10 Minutes At A Time;Can’T Be Used When The Oven Is In Grill Or Convection Mode;Do Not Stick It On Top Of The Microwave When The Microwave Oven Is Working,Thank You!. It Can Also Withstand Temperatures Up To 300°F. Food-Grade Pp Material, Passed The Bureau Veritas Safety Test.Since The Sale In 2017, We Have Continuously Optimized Our Products Based On Customer Feedback. Thanks Again For The Customer’s Advice!.


This microwave plate cover has easy-grip handles and perforated steam vents to allow the moisture to escape. This cover also helps to speed up the cooking process by focusing the heat of the microwave. (Size: 11.5×11.5×3.34 Inches ) The cover fits almost any plate, bowl, and platter. Don t worry if you have large dishes; this cover will cope.It can also withstand temperatures up to 300 F. Food-grade PP material, Passed the BUREAU VERITAS safety test.Since the sale in 2017, we have continuously optimized our products based on customer feedback. Thanks again for the customer’s advice!Pros: Steam vents; Large size fits most plates; Easy-grip handles.Cons:Can t be used for longer than 10 minutes at a time;Can t be used when the oven is in grill or convection mode;Do not stick it on top of the microwave when the microwave oven is working,Thank you!