Mini Glass Honey Jars – Airtight Small Wedding & Baby Shower Favour Candle Candy

Giving a favour to your guests is a beautiful way to show appreciation and share the joy of your special occasion. These mini glass honey jars are an exquisite option for any event, be it a wedding or a baby shower. Filled with honey or little candies, they make the perfect memento. The jars, besides being airtight, can even serve as candle holders, adding a touch of elegance and functionality.
Our honey jars are small yet versatile, boasting a volume of few ounces. Manufactured from quality glass, they exhibit a pleasing aesthetic that matches any decor. Airtight lids ensure the contents stay fresh and intact, whether it’s honey, candies, or even a small candle.

These jars are particularly popular for weddings and baby showers. They not only act as a thank-you gift to guests but also as a part of the table decor. Fill them with a bit of honey or small candies, personalising each jar to match the theme of your event. For an evening event, consider using them as candle holders for a soft, romantic glow.

Using these jars is straightforward and convenient. Their compact size makes them easy to handle, and the airtight lids are effortless to open and close. They are reusable, allowing your guests to take them home as keepsakes.

Being crafted with care, these jars offer a unique opportunity to bring a personal touch to your events. They serve as a lovely reminder of your special day and provide guests with something useful and decorative to remember it by.

Q: Can I customise the jars for my event?
A: Yes, you can easily personalise each jar to suit your event’s theme.

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Q: Are these jars reusable?
A: Absolutely, they’re designed to be taken home and reused by guests, making them a lasting memento.

Q: Can these jars hold items other than honey or candies?
A: Yes, these jars are versatile and can hold a range of small items, even a small candle to function as a candle holder.