Ooni Oven Cast Iron Griddle Plate with Removable Handle

Embrace a new culinary experience with Ooni’s Cast Iron Griddle Plate. Specially seasoned and equipped with a removable handle, this cookware transforms any dish, ensuring delightful results every time.
When it comes to dependable cookware, Ooni’s Cast Iron Griddle Plate stands out. Not only does it boast a seasoned finish for non-stick cooking, but its removable handle ensures safe handling. Whether you’re searing a steak or flipping pancakes, its design promises to make every culinary venture a breeze.

Some standout features:
– **Safe Oven Seasoned Finish**: Ensures easy release of food without sticking.
– **Removable Handle**: Offers safe handling, especially when the plate is hot.
– **Durable Cast Iron Design**: Promises long-lasting use and consistent heating.

The Ooni brand, well-regarded for its innovative kitchen products, once again delivers with this versatile griddle plate. As an essential addition to any kitchen, it promises to elevate your cooking experience.

Q: What makes the Ooni Cast Iron Griddle Plate unique?
A: Its combination of a safe oven seasoned finish, removable handle for easy handling, and durable cast iron construction makes it stand out.

Q: Can I use this griddle plate on other stovetops or just in the Ooni oven?
A: While it’s optimised for the Ooni oven, its design allows for versatile use on most stovetops.

Q: How do I care for the seasoned finish?
A: Just clean with a soft brush, avoid using harsh detergents, and occasionally re-season to maintain its non-stick qualities.