Oz Hexagon Mini Glass Honey Jars: Party Gold Pack with Wooden Dippers, Lids, and Bee Pendants

Looking for the perfect favour for your next event? Dive into the Party Gold Pack, an offering of Oz hexagon mini glass honey jars. Accompanied by wooden dippers, secure lids, and charming bee pendants, these jars bring elegance to any gathering.

The Party Gold Pack comprises unique Oz hexagon mini glass honey jars that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Designed for users who appreciate intricate details, every component of this pack tells a story.

Hexagon Mini Glass Honey Jars: Resembling the cells of a honeycomb, the hexagonal shape provides a hint of nature’s design. Filled with golden honey or any other treat, these jars become the star of the show.

Wooden Dippers: Each jar is paired with a wooden dipper, allowing for easy and mess-free retrieval of the contents. The dippers are crafted from quality wood, ensuring durability and longevity.

Secure Lids: Safety is paramount. Hence, each mini jar comes with a tight-sealing lid that ensures your contents remain fresh and free from external contaminants.

Bee Pendants: Adding to the theme, the bee pendants serve as an adorable reminder of nature’s tiny workers who play a massive role in our ecosystem. These pendants elevate the aesthetic of the jars, making them even more delightful.

Whether you’re hosting a party, a wedding, or any event, these jars, with their complementing accessories, ensure your guests leave with a memorable token.

**Q:** What material are the lids made of?
**A:** The lids are crafted from durable materials ensuring a tight seal.

Q: Can I buy the jars without the bee pendants?
A: The Party Gold Pack includes bee pendants, but you might want to check with the supplier for custom orders.

Q: How many jars are included in one pack?
A: The specific number of jars in a pack can vary. Please refer to the product details for exact quantities.

Q: Are the wooden dippers treated or untreated?
A: The dippers are crafted from quality wood, ensuring they are safe and durable for use with food items.