Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator, Standard


See-Through Cover To Monitor Drying Progress On Top Tray; Bottom-Mounted Fan And Heating Element Provide Consistent Air Flow For Optimum Drying. This Dehydrator Operates At A Preset Temperature Of Approximately 165°.. Easy To Store; Drying Trays Nest For Compact Storage; Cord Stores In Base. Four Drying Trays Included; Expands Up To Eight Trays For Added Capacity. Drying Trays And Cover Are Fully Immiscible And Dishwasher Safe; Fruit Roll Sheets, Nonstick Mesh Screens, Jerky Gun And Jerky Spice Kits Available. Four-Tray System For Dehydrating Foods At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Commercially Dehydrated Foods With No Additives Or Preservatives.


NOTE :Item does not have an on off switch. This unit turns on when plugged in.Four-tray system for dehydrating foods at a fraction of the cost of commercially dehydrated foods with no additives or preservativesSee-through cover to monitor drying progress on top tray; Bottom-mounted fan and heating element provide consistent air flow for optimum dryingDrying trays and cover are fully immiscible and dishwasher safe; Fruit roll sheets, nonstick mesh screens, jerky gun and jerky spice kits availableEasy to store; Drying trays nest for compact storage; Cord stores in baseFour drying trays included; Expands up to eight trays for added capacityThis dehydrator operates at a preset temperature of approximately 165 .

Is the Presto 06300 a good dehydrator?

Overall, the Presto 06300 is a fantastic dehydrator, particularly for people who only want to occasionally dehydrate their foods. It seems to be an ideal fit for beginners. It’s affordable, easy to use and its capacity can be expanded, if needed.

How do you prep food for Presto dehydrator?

It stores easily and comes with an instruction booklet that explains how to prep the food before the dehydration process. You can soak fruits in a 1:1 water to lemon juice or citric acid for 10 minutes. I soaked in lemon juice and water then patted dry. The fruit didn’t taste like lemon juice after the dehydration process.

How much does a dehydrator on Amazon cost?

Four drying trays included; Expands up to eight trays for added capacity This dehydrator operates at a preset temperature of approximately 165°. New & Used (12) from $29.87 & FREE Shipping .

How many drying trays does a dehydrator have?

Dries fruit and vegetables with no additives or preservative. Dehydration maintains natural vitamins and minerals. Saves space. The drying trays nest when not in use for over a 35% reduction in storage space and the cord stores in base. Four drying trays are included. Expands up to eight trays* for added drying capacity.