Pureline LT700P Replacement Water Filter, Also Fits Kenmore Elite 46-9


Reduction Rate – Pureline Filters Can Reduce 99% Of Contaminants From Your Drinking Water.. Compatible Kenmore Filter Models: 9690, 46-9690, Kenmoreclear 9690, Kenmore Elite 9690. Compatible Filter Models: Lt700p, Lt700pc, Adq36006101, Adq36006101-S, Adq36006101s, Adq36006102, Adq36006102-S, Adq36006102s. Material – Pureline’s Carbon Blocks Are Made Of Advanced Activate Coconut Carbon Block And Have Been Certified By The Nsf To Be Lead-Free, Bpa-Free And Food Grade Materials.. Refrigeration Safety – Pureline Filters Have Been Manufactured To The Exact Design And Specifications As Your Original Brand Name Filter So That You Do Not Need To Worry About Leakage Or Any Installation Issues.. Certification – Pureline Is Certified By The Nsf 42 And 372 By The Nsf, Wqa, And Iapmo.. Compatible Refrigerator Models: Lfx21976st, Lfxs24623s, Lfxc24726s, Lfxc24726, Lfxc24726s/03, Lfxc24726d, Lfx25978st, Lfx25991st, Lfx28968st, Lfx28978st, Lfxs29626s, Lfxs29766s, Lfxs30726s, Lfx31925st, Lfx31945st, Lfds22520s, Lmxs27626s, And More Listed Below.. Great Tasting Water: Pureline Filters Will Provide You With Fresh And Clean Great Tasting Water For You And Your Entire Family..


Triple Action Filtration: Pureline filters use advanced active coconut carbon blocks. First the water passes through the pores of the filter. The water is further purified through two separate stages of ionization filtration that take place as the water passes through the carbon block to your refrigerator.Great Tasting Water: Pureline filters will provide you with fresh and clean great tasting water for you and your entire family.Reduction Rate – Pureline filters can reduce 99% of contaminants from your drinking water.Certification – Pureline is certified by the NSF 42 and 372 by the NSF, WQA, and IAPMO.Material – Pureline’s carbon blocks are made of advanced activate coconut carbon block and have been certified by the NSF to be Lead-Free, BPA-Free and Food Grade materials.Refrigeration Safety – Pureline Filters have been manufactured to the exact design and specifications as your original brand name filter so that you do not need to worry about leakage or any installation issues.Compatible Kenmore Filter Models: 9690, 46-9690, Kenmoreclear 9690, Kenmore Elite 9690Compatible Filter Models: LT700P, LT700PC, ADQ36006101, ADQ36006101-S, ADQ36006101S, ADQ36006102, ADQ36006102-S, ADQ36006102SCompatible Refrigerator Models: LFX21976ST, LFXS24623S, LFXC24726S, LFXC24726, LFXC24726S/03, LFXC24726D, LFX25978ST, LFX25991ST, LFX28968ST, LFX28978ST, LFXS29626S, LFXS29766S, LFXS30726S, LFX31925ST, LFX31945ST, LFDS22520S, LMXS27626S, and more listed below.

Are there water filters for Kenmore Elite refrigerators?

Kenmore water filters for Kenmore Elite refrigerators are certified by the NSF to remove chlorine taste and odor (NSF standard 42).

Are there any pureline water filters that can be replaced?

Pureline DA29-00020B Water Filter Replacement. Compatible with Samsung DA29-00020B-1, DA29-00020B, Haf-Cin Exp, RF4267HARS, RF28HMEDBSR, RF28HFEDBSR, & More Models (3 Pack) . . Pureline LT700P & 9690 Water Filter Replacement.

Which is the best activated carbon filter for LG lt700p?

High quality, affordable activated carbon filter replacement for LG lt700p, adq36006101, adq36006101-s, adq36006101s, adq36006102, adq36006102-s, adq36006102s, 9690, 46-9690, Kenmore 469690, water sentinel wsl-3. Mist filter line by Clearwater the Higher standard in affordable water filtering.

Is the Kenmore 9690 compatible with LG lt700p?

Fully certified to NSF 42 standards Material, Structure, and Performance through IAPMO and NSF. WFC2401-S is Compatible with Kenmore 9690, 46-9690, 469090. Also Compatible with LG LT700P, ADQ36006101, ADQ36006101-S, ADQ36006101S, ADQ36006102, ADQ36006102-S, ADQ36006102S Packaging may vary.